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May 20th, 2007

05:41 pm - hey
Sorry for the issues that I've been bringing into the guild latley. Hopefully things are looking up! ^_^

CYNISTA is acting GM, thanks to him for taking it on, but I really have enough going on right now...

I got a photo from kyst...can't spell. but I'm going to wait until someone else sends me photos of them playing wow, being stupid or wearing a pokemon tshirt before I post them so that it is more of a nice guild thing and so forth.


(WoW me)

April 22nd, 2007

09:20 am - See You All Soon
As most of you will already know, I'm in the process of moving from NSW to QLD over the next couple of weeks. So that things continue to run smoothly the officers and I have decided to appoint THIERA as the new guild leader in my absence. I'm sure she'll do an amazing job and we have every faith in her.

So you won't see me online for about two to three weeks but I'll look forward to seeing how many of you have overtaken me when I return. Hopefully in three weeks time I'll have more ppl to bum around Outlands with so that I don't die so damn much : (

I'll miss you all while I'm gone and I look forward to seeing you all when I get back : )


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April 18th, 2007

10:09 pm - inventory / announcement
Jlee is moving, so notice to guildies that I will be acting GM for the next couple of weeks. I don't intend to do anything rash, please come to me with any queries / concerns. The 30+ Rule still applies. Thanks, Pia.

Donated Items:-

Mageweave x 13
Deeprock Salt x 6
Silk Cloth x 39
Solid Stone x 2
Shadowgem x 2
Malachite x 1
Lesser Moonstone x 3
Moss Agate x 3
Core of Elements x 12
Essence of Fire x 1
Tigerseye x 2
Plans: Volcanic Hammer (lvl 290)
Core of Earth x 1
Pattern: Murlock Scale Breastplate (lvl 95)

Savage Frond x 16
Recipe: Strider Stew (lvl 50)
Runecloth x 8
Core of Elements x 10
Shadow Silk x 1
Star Ruby x 1
Elemental Fire x 1
Plans: Heavy Mithril Helm (lvl 245)
Thick Spider Silk x 3
Ironweb Spider Silk x 1
Heart of Fire x 3
Living Essence x 1
Plans: Radiant Gloves (lvl 285)

Runecloth x 186
Runecloth x 140

Heavy Leather x 20

Silverleaf x 38
Peacebloom x 34
Earthroot x 21

Irredescent Pearl x 1
Jaggal Pearl x 3
Savage Frond x 4

Woolcloth x 20
Raptor Hide x 3
Wicked Claw x 1
Medium Leather x 2
Large Fang x 6
Kingsblood x 1
Small Lusterous Pearl x 4

Pattern: Big Voodoo Mask

Light Leather x 13
Heavy Leather x 12
Silk Cloth x 19

Put On AH for Sale -
Silk Cloth x 80 @ 50s per stack of 20
Mageweave x 13 stacks @ 2g each
Total of 28g sent to ARMADABANK on successful sale

Sent To Chars:-
Deathkid - Schematic: Ez-Thro Dynamite

Napriest - Mageweave x 88
Heart of Wild x 10
Ironweb Spider Silk x 2
Runecloth x 120
Soul Dust x 1
Heart of Fire x 5

Bennygeorge - Mageweave x 10
Runecloth x 100

Lakayla - Truesilver Bars x 5

Wallor - Woolcloth x20

Snarez - Greater Magic Essence x 8
Lesser Magic Essence x 8
Strangedust x 1
Small Glimmering Shard x 1

Jlee - Gromsblood x 1
Sungrass x 1
Blindweed x 1
Liferoot x 2
Fadeleaf x 3
Purple Lotus x1
Firebloom x 1
Arthas Tears x 1
Dreamfoil x 1
Savage Frond x 46

Synatac - Shadow Gem x 3

Ramanor - Runecloth x 120
Core of Elements x 35
Essence of Water x 1
Essence of Fire x 1

Lucia - Pattern: Red Linen Robe

Warpharoah - Plans: Radiant Gloves

(2 WoW's WoW me)

April 10th, 2007

06:28 pm - ERROR
Sorry guys but I made a mistake on my last post!

SNAREZ IS THE LVL 1 - 35 RUN/INSTANCE OFFICER, not sagem as I posted. Sorry Sagem, similar names, easy mistake. My appologies.


Current Mood: embarrassedembarrassed

(WoW me)

06:04 pm - NEW GUILD RULES

Hey Guys!

This post is to update many of you on some new but important new Guild Rules.

1.  No alt chars will be admitted to the guild under lvl 15.

2.  No more than one alt per main character in the guild at any one time. This is at the descretion of the Guild Officers though on a case by case basis and must be requested.

3.  A new guild rank has been introduced "SILENCE". Its a punishment rank for those of us out there that can't control our swearing or like to start guild fights in guild chat. Its also for any offensive behaviour. Its a way to make sure that everyone's experience is happy and enjoyable. The length of "SILENCE" imposed will depend on the seriousness of the offence.

4.  No spamming of items for sale in guild chat. There are Trade channels for item sales. Its fine to ask through guild chat if anyone would like to purchase a single item or even a couple but please don't spam everyone with 10 items you've amassed in your bags over the course of the day.

5.  For all of us that have invite rights, we are now limiting the lvl of new recruits to lvl 30. We are, for the time being, not accepting anyone into the guild who is below lvl 30 (unless its your alt of course). We've done this so the our current chars can get to a similar level and be able to help and support each other. Once we can confidently be sure that the guild can support more smaller characters, we will lift this rule and begin taking on smaller characters again.

6.  SAGEM has been appointed as the level 1 - 35 guild instance/run officer. He will be taking over the organising of Flight Path, Farming, Instance and Questing runs for all of you between these levels. We've done this to ensure that characters between 1 - 35 get the best support possible and don't feel that the higher end of the gulid has forgotten them. Its important to us that everyone grows but its more important to enjoy the game.

7.  Any character (alt or main) who has not logged on for longer than 20 days will be booted from the guild. If you know you're going away or will be unusually busy for a period of time, let any of the officers know and this will prevent your char from being kicked from ARMADA. We love you all but its frustrating when you have a guild full of people that are never on and this will ensure that this does not happen. Its so that we can ensure the most dedicated and reliable guild members possible.

8.  We are now offering to buy characters who reach lvl 40 their mounts. This payment will be for their kitty/horse only, not your riding skill and its a reward from the guild. For those warlock's and pally's who quest for your mounts, let any one of the officers know when you're ready to begin questing for your mount and we'll organise for one or two of our higher chars to quest with you so that you can complete the quest as soon as possible.

So there's a lot of new rules to absorb but they've all been put in place to ensure that our guild continues to grow. As far as the direction of the guild goes, we envisage that in the near future we will be able to start high level raiding which will make all of us who are 60 - 70 very excited. 
Our aim right now is to ensure that everyone gets as much help as possible in reaching their ideal level. This is not a push to create a high end guild, this is a push to ensure that the very successful guild we've created (in a very short period of time) continues with its outstanding reputation and that our current members continue to enjoy the guild experience. I look forward to hearing your views on our new rules ingame. Feel free to wisper me anytime to let me know what you think of the new measures and if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let any of the guild officers know.

Love ya all



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April 5th, 2007

06:45 am - Sunday Party Change

EASTER SUNDAY PARTY 3PM CANCELLED! DOUBLE GUILD WEDDING INSTEAD SW CATHEDRAL 7PM WITH PARTY TO FOLLOW AS RECEPTION! So as some of you would have heard there is a change to the party arrangements. The party is now going to be a reception following our double guild wedding. Myself and Napriest (married in real life) and Benny and Thiera (bfriend/gfriend real life) are both getting married ingame on Sunday.
The party details still stand though and will kick off after the ceremony at the Cathedral.The LOTTO, GIVEAWAYS and LOWBIE CHANTS are all still happening and YES YOU MUST BE LOGGED ON AT THE TIME OF THE LOTTO ROLL TO WIN THE 10G! So make sure you're there.
Can't wait to see you all.

Hunt Hard and Kill Everything!


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April 3rd, 2007

10:52 pm
Hey All

EASTER SUNDAY PARTY- STORMWIND PARK 3PM. We want as many of you as possible to turn up as there are going to be some great prizes and giveaways up for grabs. There's a lotto with a 10g prize! Just send JLEE your number between 1 and 100 before Sunday 2PM. If you are not online and your number is drawn you will NOT win. You have to be logged on at the time of the draw to win. We will continue to roll until someone who is logged on matches the number.
There's also going to be some great prizes and giveaways including free low lvl chants thanks to Ramanor (chants will last as long as his matts hold out so get in quick!). 
Its our first major guild event so we'd love to see as many of you as possible there. Come along and support the guild that supports you! Can't wait to see you all.

Hunt hard and kill everything!


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April 2nd, 2007

12:07 pm - heya
hey ppl just trying this out make sure it works

peace out


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March 29th, 2007

07:20 pm - Notification of site matienence...
Many of our university going members would know that right now is a bitch of a time!!! I've been ultra ultra busy with work and uni and perhaps, not doing either as well as I should, that I've neglected the site. I just thought I'd post with the followign changes, which should be implemented within the week!

1. the background will be changed to accomadate for ALL monitor sizes. a white content block will be added directly onto the background and the content box will be set as transparent. -The background was modified by myself, I've been quite depressed ever since I did it that on anything bigger than a 20" or indeed, a 20" You can't see the part where I took the wow logo out.

2. I'd really like to update the user info to have pictures of members. Officers should know that if they do not send me a photo (300 by 400 pixels thanks) I'll put an embarrasing picture up. Members are welcome to do so too, but I'm not going to chase you.

3. I can't really think of alot more right now.

Any ideas let me know, your everloving Mod, Pia (Theira)

(WoW me)

12:31 pm - Documentary Research - Virtual Worlds
Hi, please delete if this is is any way inappropriate or offensive!

I work for a Sydney based company called Eden Media, and we're looking into making a documentary based on virtual worlds, in particular how friendships can be developed or maintained within these worlds.

We're looking for people based in Sydney, New York and Japan at the moment, who spend a large amount of time in virtual worlds and who have developed friendships with people living in different countries or are using the medium of virtual worlds to stay in touch with pre existing friends. and who

If you have an opinion on what role they think virtual worlds are playing today and how they are changing the way people communicate and you're interested in talking to us, please call me on
02 9925 0766 or email jaimi@edenmedia.com.au

If you need to make sure I'm legitimate I can pass on our website and company details etc, I've left it out for now to avoid being accused of spamming :)


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